Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Scalabrine Talks

Former Bull Talks Thibodeau, Rose vs. Rondo and Expectations For 2012 Bulls

While nothing groundbreaking came from the hour-long conversation between former Bull Brian Scalabrine and Bill Simmons, better known as "The Sports Guy" and new contributor to the failure which is ESPN's NBA Countdown, one thing is clear: When Brian Scalabrine speaks, you listen. 

Although much of the conversation was devoted to Scalabrine's time in Boston, Simmons managed to get in a couple Bulls related questions, which led to some interesting answers. 

When asked about his three stops around the league, Scalabrine noted that every team he played for had one guy who was a "culture changer" or a person whose imprints were on the team and organization in every facet. Scalabrine, who had an uncanny ability to wind up on championship-level teams (maybe there was something to that "White Mamba" thing), noted Tom Thibodeau and not Derrick Rose as that person for the Bulls. Probably not all that surprising when you think of Rose's still evolving role as a vocal leader, but it still stood out as Scalabrine noted players, not coaches as the "culture changers" on the other teams he played for. Going forward the question will be does it matter if Rose never becomes the vocal leader of this team?

Thibodeau's status as the unquestioned leader and voice of the Bulls is the main reason Scalabrine believes news of the Bulls demise is greatly exaggerated. "In the regular season, with good coaching and smart players, you can win a lot of games," Scalabrine said. "[Thibodeau] will make sure that his guys are doing what they need to do, to make sure they win games." Pretty much the sentiment of most NBA observers, who just can not imagine a team as professional as this one. The wins likely won't be pretty, but they'll be there. 

Scalabrine also delivered some TMZ-esque inside, confirming the rivalry between Rose and Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo. "Derrick doesn't like the fact I like Rondo and Rondo doesn't like the fact I like Derrick." Outside of two of league's premiere point guards vying for the love of a ginger-benchwarmer, it is nice to know there are still some real individual rivalries and dislike in this league. Just further proof that Rose is "old-school" in every way the term is meant.         

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